the insta-spam-like

*We interrupt this program for an urgent message:

it’s embarrassing
isn’t it
when you catch yourself
clicking that star
on the wrong post
while taking your
spam-liking journey
through a tag reader
and then have to
un-like it

maybe you should
pay more attention
as you fish
for stats
and indiscriminately
shuffle through
this space
with your head down

we’re not interested
in your kind

*Now, back to regularly scheduled programming…

43 thoughts on “the insta-spam-like

  1. My favorites are the spam followers who try to set up commercial sites and get shut down almost immediately for tos violation. It’s been happening a lot more lately. I’ve picked up fifty new followers this year and maybe five of them are genuine.
    Sorry, I’m just appropriating your rant now and blowing off my own steam. I’ll stop now. 😊

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    1. No need to stop! This is an interesting world all influenced by the social media movement. I get it about the commercial sites truing to solicit business. My favorites are the ones who follow, don’t read except for one post then beg you to visit their blogs. I also have no time for spam likers…. they can go spam themselves. I’ve also noticed that of the nearly 100 followers of my blog, only a small number engage in a meaningful way.

      No need to apologize…. we all need to blow off a little steam from time to time. 🙂

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  2. Funny how you have written this… yes there is a lot of underlying frustration in it, but you did it in a funny way 🙂

    I also have a few likers who like and then shortly after that unlike again as if they want to pretend they like but they don’t want to be associated with my blog (I can imagine haha). Or I have likers who like it, unlike it and then later like again… those are the attention seekers: I don’t like that 🙂
    Anyway, I just ignore the like addicts and the attention seekers.

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    1. I can relate, MS.

      I, too, have had someone like, and then unlike. A few times, actually. Makes me wonder what their motive is. 🧐

      It’s sad how people would rather get more views, than actually embrace their musings, and writings, as something they just absolutely love to do.

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      1. I write because it’s therapeutic.

        A lot of demons to try, and slay. I do so, by writing. Sometimes it works, other times I need to write more.

        So, absolutely. You and I write, because that’s what our soul’s lead us to do. ❤️

        That’s how it should be.

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    2. Ha, yes, we aren’t alone. The like addicts, I like that 🙂 Yes, there are all kinds out there and the funniest are the spam likers who like thirty of your posts in 30 seconds… you know they haven’t read anything. It’s great entertainment and then the odd one, who doesn’t want to like a post, accidentally likes, then deletes right away – you know they screwed up 🙂

      Ignoring them is the best way 🙂

      Thanks, MS, for always bringing a smile!

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      1. Your fingers just like to free-style a bit, SD.
        You wished me a little in between.. that sounds in fact poetic and imaginative.. because what is ‘a little’ then, and a little of what.. and the place ‘in between’ that triggers the reader to imagine a whole world. So just let your fingers free-style, SD 🙂

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      2. Aw, I love that… free-stylin’ fingers. Yes, it does leave lots to the imagination and yours, well, I can just imagine what dancing journey you would taken that ‘little’ on. Thanks for being so understanding and creative, MS 🙂

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  3. I don’t even notice when someone likes and then unlikes me! I laugh when I get notification of how many followers I have. I would say easily 25-30% are bots or spammers or new bloggers trying to build an audience and hope you will like them for liking you. Not how it works, honey 😉
    I really don’t care about stats, to be honest. I’m not here to build a business. I write because I enjoy it and I truly love the exchanges I get with those who truly follow.

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    1. Well said, Dale! Like you, I do not worry about stats. It’s fun to look at them in terms of who is following versus who is reading because, let’s be honest, if you are following someone and you don’t like anything they write then what’s the purpose of following them. At least make the odd grunt or growl so we know you’re alive out there 🙂

      Here’s to writing, my friend 🙂

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      1. Love it! “At least make the odd grunt or growl…” Honestly. I can understand getting only a like and that means they took the time to read it (well, you figure they did). Some people are multi-posters (ahem) and I usually don’t follow them because my inbox gets inundated. (I hate the Reader). However, if I have kept these ones around, like you, it is because I truly enjoy and appreciate what they are offering. So yeah, sometimes you’ll only get a “like” but most times you’ll get my two cents 😉

        Here’s to writing what we love and how often we love to…

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      2. Aw, so kind of you, Dale. I write for me and if someone likes it then great. If the comment, that’s great, too. Like you, I tend to shy away from the bloggers who post so many pieces in a row. But, some are worth it. I am glad my blog makes the cut on your end 🙂

        I will raise a pen to that 🙂

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