waves succumb
to the taunting of a foul wind
foaming their way
to cliffs littered
with happiness

crash, they do
ripping joy and
contentment from
their berths
drowning them deep
in the undertow

beyond grasp

I tried, again,
to race the day
but the sun
passed me
somewhere between
fantasy and reality
before disappearing
just ahead of me

some things in life
are simply
out of reach

Wishing Well — Collaboration with The Creative Chic

*Had the privilege to write this with The Creative Chic a while back. Thank you, CC, for sharing your pen with me.

A collaboration with Surrealisticdreams Sifting through the lonely thoughts that come floating down one by one until they hit the ground Like flakes of snow they gather in piles according to their ranks except for the ones I tuck away not ready to let them go Saving them all deep inside my […]

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