you stink… really, you stink

Light, puff, hold it in,
what a fucking high,
cancer dancing on your lips,
eating you from inside

Light, puff, hold it in
look, you’re fucking cool,
COPD setting in,
who’s the fucking fool?

Light, puff, hold it in,
pollute the world around,
the stains between your fingers,
look a shitty brown

Light, puff, hold it in,
life ruled by a three inch addiction,
the start and end to all your days,
until you die from some toxic affliction

a moment of silence

December dances with
softly falling snow
twirling each flake as if
it’s the only one

Birds flutter about
picking freshly tossed seeds
from an embankment
of aged grass

In an abandoned crate
dead flowers stand still
to admire life continuing
in their absence

A T T E N T I O N ! ! !

Poor me! Poor me!

Pat my back and tell me I’m great.

Come on, stroke my… E G O…
Fuck, it’s big enough to see, isn’t it?
Maybe a little injection or two or three
to fatten it… yeah, you like it, don’t you.

Life isn’t what I post
on IG, FB, WP.

I’m really a messed up, desperate
attention seeker in REAL life. I’m hot, though.

I’ll say whatever you want me to
if it gets a… RISE…

Stop it! (blushing)



A cannonball thought falls between
my toes, forcing lint from its home –
it migrates north to the navel where
it’s told there’s no room

A laugh of awkwardness rises
with the sun, stubborn but persistent

The incessant din of
maple buds and pine cones
sings over the multitude of filthy crows
gathered around a frozen puddle
in hopes of a communal bath

Incongruous messages plague
the mind into reaching for
an eraser and in seconds
you’re no longer in my world
and I completely disappear
from yours