most days I escape
into the beauty of words –
the ones you’ve written


mercury rises
from the base of my neck
to the top of my head –
where a garden is planted –
a volcano
threatening to scorch the
seeds of tomorrow’s dreams

widening stress fractures run along
my jawline in tectonic motion
and I am pulled apart
like disagreeing continents
unable to exist next to one another

quietly. I slip myself
into the deepening trench of oblivion –
neutral territory
in this civil war

the long road

it’s a long walk from the corner
of my mind’s eye to the gaping wound
in a discarded memory
where life oozes out in decibels
too loud for human ears
but unbearably deafening to the heart that
feels each love’s and dream’s brushes with death

I could have taken any road
but the long one seems to be
this life’s preference
so I walk and walk into unknowns
from places I’ve never been comfortable living in


night composes dreams
writes them from bits and pieces
of a limited and
fragmented existence,
leaving them at
neuronal junctions
criss-crossing space like
an unplanned city grid

remain elusive
when wee hours
disturb sleep
while others remain
as vivid as moon kissing
the darkened sky or
sun pulling itself
from a deep blue ocean

a few
speak soft
gentle words of love
into awaiting ears

stir deep
breathless desires
in a cauldron of lust

awake in sweat
straining vocal
chords with piercing
strangling screams

mine are
more, more
often than not.
at least the
ones that recur

*Will be back soon to catch up on reading. I struggle sometimes to be in this environment. Thank you, for supporting my simple words. I appreciate it. – SD

the insta-spam-like

*We interrupt this program for an urgent message:

it’s embarrassing
isn’t it
when you catch yourself
clicking that star
on the wrong post
while taking your
spam-liking journey
through a tag reader
and then have to
un-like it

maybe you should
pay more attention
as you fish
for stats
and indiscriminately
shuffle through
this space
with your head down

we’re not interested
in your kind

*Now, back to regularly scheduled programming…